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Banc despre moldoveni
Ce fac moldovenii toata ziua?

Stau si se mandresc ca-s romani...

Categoria: Bancuri | Added by: -=vadiiik=- (22-Ian-2010)
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15 Claudia   (21-Mar-2012 2:08 PM)
Hey there. Do you guys utilize Parents As Teachers? We did this with our older kids when they were tordleds and preschool age. An educator would come to the house and bring age appropriate crafts and activities to do with our kiddos. Now, I realize you may only be stuck at home for a couple of weeks, but even if she could come for just one day it would at least fill up one morning with something different to do. The only thing is I'm not sure if you are wanting visitors due to her low ANC. Anyway, it's just a thought. Of course, after her ANC is normal you can still use Parents As Teachers. My kids really enjoyed it (and so did I). Also, maybe you can find a Kindermusik or Musikgarten (yes, it's really spelled like that LOL) teacher locally who would be willing to come to your home and do a class just for your kiddos. It's not the norm for them, but if they know the situation they might be willing. I know you're super busy and trying to plan a bunch of stuff is overwhelming, but I just thought I'd throw a couple of ideas out there for you. Parents as Teachers is free btw and I bet knowing your situation the other

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14 doru   (08-Ian-2012 11:51 AM)
...dar putea fi si invers ce

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13 Helena   (15-Apr-2011 4:05 PM)
Da unde sa se mai duca la lucru daca pesste tot e greu deacum cu lucrul book

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12 mitruha1   (26-Mar-2011 4:54 PM)

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11 !@#$%   (11-Feb-2011 11:35 AM)

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10 damian19903   (27-Ian-2011 4:32 PM)
bai oameni buni!!!! cool B)

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9 e   (17-Oct-2010 8:45 PM)
bash roll happy

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8 dumitru   (24-Apr-2010 3:41 PM)
e bun!!

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7 dorinaluca80   (17-Apr-2010 6:02 PM)
ha ha ha smile smile smile smile asta as vrea sa fac si eu....cel putin

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6 larisa   (01-Feb-2010 4:29 PM)
cool tongue smile da........

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